Whales and Dolphin Watching Sri Lanka

The southwest and northeast coasts of Sri Lanka are two of the world’s best places for whale watching.Sri Lanka’s narrow continental shelf provides rich feeding grounds for cetaceans and there are 27 species of marine mammal to be seen here. The commonest animals to be seen are:
Blue whalesSpinner dolphins
Sperm whalesBottlenose dolphins
Shortfin pilot whalesSpotted dolphins
False killer whalesStriped dolphin
Killer whalesRough toothed dolphin
Blainville’s beaked whaleFraser’s dolphin
Humpback whaleRisso’s dolphin
Bryde’s whale
Minke whale
Fin whale
Pilot whale
Melon-headed whale
We do private charters for whale and dolphin watching. Our trips set off at 6am and travel out to the edge of the continental shelf. We follow the ‘Be Whale Wise’ guidelines on safe, considerate approaches to marine life to avoid causing unnecessary stress or risking harm to the animals.